Virtual Machine disk expansion with Microsoft Hyper-V Manager

If your Hyper-V Virtual Machine run out of virtual disk space, you can add and expand the disk as long as you have enough physical space available.

Hyper-V: Virtual Disk
1. Before we begin, let’s take a look at the disk size. In my example, it is a 80GB disk.
Hyper-V Manager: Edit Disk
2. Now, power down the Virtual machine so that it state is “off” in the Hyper-V Manager. After that, highlight the Virtual Machine and then click “Edit Disk…” under “Action” on the right.
Hyper-V: Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard
3. A Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard window will pop-up on the screen. To continue, simple click the “Next” button.
Locate Virtual Hard Disk
4. Locate the Virtual Hard Disk by clicking the “Browse…” Button.
Virtual Disk located
5. Once you find the correct virtual disk, highlight it and then click “Open”.
Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard : Expand
6. In the next screen, you can choose 4 different actions you can do to the virtual disk. In this example, we go with “Expand”. Click “Next” to continue.
Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard : New disk size
7. Now, enter the new disk size you like you virtual disk to be expanded to. In this example, I enter “120GB” in the text box provided and click “Next”.
Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard : Finish
8. Virtual Disk expanding summary. If everything is correct, hit “Finish” to proceed.
Start Virtual Machine
9. Once that is done, you can start/power on the virtual machine follow by “Connect…” to the Virtual Machine console.
Access Computer Management
10. Open the Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 search page and type computer. Once the Computer app appears on the left, right click the “Computer” and choose “Manage” at the bottom.
Disk Management
11. In the “Computer Management” screen, choose “Disk Management” under “Storage”. You should see the additional space listed on the screen now as Unallocated space.
Extend Volume
12. Right click the drive/volume you like to expand and choose “Extended Volume…”
Extend Volume Wizard
13. A Windows Extend Volume Wizard will pop-up to guide you through the drive expansion process. Click “Next” to begin.
Extend Volume Wizard :  New Volume space
14. Select the disk you like to expand and choose the amount of space you like to expand. Once that is done, click “Next”.
Extend Volume Wizard : Finish
15. That should do it. Just click “Finish” to exit.
Disk Management with new Virtual Disk size
16. At this point, you should see the new size of the virtual disk inside the Disk Management screen.
Windows Explorer : New drive Total Size
17. If you open the Windows Explorer again, you should notice the changes in “Total size”.