Upload OS iso image to VMware Host machine.

If you are planning to install multiple virtual machines (VM) in the physical host with the same operating system (OS), you can save some time by uploading the OS ISO image to the physical host machine. So each time when you need to install or reinstall the OS to a VM, you can mount the OS ISO as a CD/DVD in the VM.

Here is how to upload the ISO image from your local computer to the remote VMware host machine.

1. Log in to your VMware host machine via VMware vSphere client.

2. Highlight the physical host machine name or IP address on the left hand side. Then single click the Configuration tab on the right and choose Storage. From there you will the datastore in your server. Right click the datastore (i.e. localstore) and choose Browse Datastore.

3. A new Datastore window will popup. Single click on the storage icon with an green up arrow and choose Upload File …

4. Locate and select the operating system ISO image from your local machine harddrive.

5. After you select the ISO image, vSphere client will upload the image to the Host Machine. It will take awhile to upload the file depends on your internet connection and size of the ISO image. Once that is done, you will see the ISO image in your Host Machine Datastore and it is ready to be used for OS installation.