PXE boot with HP Blade Server

If you rent a HP Blade server from Cybercon, you can install OS via the Cybercon PXE boot network. Here is how.

<a href="http://tutorials.cybercon.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/01-hpblade-pxe-login acheter viagra pfizer 100 mg.png”>
1. Log in to the HP iLO web server management interface. For log in information to your server, please refer to the welcome email received from Cybercon. For more information, please contact Cybercon support team via phone, email or SMC ticket system.

2. After you log in to the HP iLO, you can power on your server (if it is not already on) by hitting the Momentary Press button under System Status or Power Management tab. Now access the server console by clicking the Launch button in System Status tab or Server Console link in Remote Console tab.

3. If your server do not have any Operating System installed, it will boot to the PXE environment automatically. Otherwise, you need to hit the F-12 on your keyboard when ask. (As shown in the diagram)

4. The HP server boots to the PXE environment and obtains an IP address from the network so that it can access other available network resources.

5. At the end, you will see the Cybercon Server Utilities Menu. To install Server Operating System, select the Client Area from the menu. If you need more information regarding a specific operating system installation, please visit the corresponding articles in this tutorial site.