How to transfer files to or from the server with FTP clients?

There are many ways to transfer files to or from your server. One of the popular way is using a FTP clients. But that assumes your server already have FTP server software installed. In a separate article, I will show you how to install or add a FTP server application. Right now, let’s just assume you already have the FTP server up and running and focus on the client side.

Before you begin, you need a ftp client software. The one I use is the popular FTP client called FileZilla. The latest version of the software is version 3.5.3 when this article was created. To learn more about FileZilla, please visit . FileZilla support Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. You can download the software here (

FileZilla is quite easy to use.

1. Start the FileZilla after you install it on your local machine. In the main screen, enter your server name, Username and password in the “Host”, “Username” and “Password” text box respectively.

2. Once you successfully connect to the FTP server, the directories or files should appear at the right side of the screen under “Remote site”. And of course, the left hand side is your local machine.

3. To transfer files between your local machine and server, just simply drag them from one side to the other side. For example. dragging a file from the Remote side (your server) to the Local side (your local computer) equal to downloading the file from the server. On the other hand, if you drag a file from your local computer to the server (Left to Right), it is uploading.

4. In this screen shot, you will a file transfer in progress. I simply dragged a CentOS 6.2 DVD ISO files from FTP server back to my work computer.