How to install operating systems in HP Blader servers via Remote Console

Client Requirement: Windows OS with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 8 or above and Java installed.

1. Open IE from your PC and go to iLO URL provided by Cybercon.
2. Log in with your customer ID and Password.
<img src="http://tutorials viagra×150.png” alt=”” title=”Virtual Media” width=”150″ height=”150″ class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-105″ />3. After you log in to the HP iLO interface, you will see the Server Status Summary. Single click the “Virtual Media” tab.
4. Right below the heading “Virtual Media”, click the “Virtual Media Applet” link.
5. A new Java applet window will pop up. Click the “Browse” button in “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM” section. Locate your Operating System ISO image in your local drive and open it.
6. Click the “Connect” button to mount the ISO image as CD/DVD drive. Once that is done, you should see a green light next to the drive icon.
7. Now, single click the “Remote Console” tab next to “Virtual Media”. Then click the “Integrated Remote Console” link to launch the Remote Console.
8. The Remote Console will popup as a new window. At the upper right hand side, click the “Power On” icon and follow by clicking “Momentary Press” under “Virtual Power Button”. That should power on your dedicated server.
9. Follow the onscreen OS installation wizard to finish the installation.
Note: If you are installing Windows server 2003/2008/2008R2, you need to install drivers provided by HP after the OS installation is completed, you can find the driver from the following link.