How to remotely access a dedicated Unix Server

Connect to Unix/Linux Server via Secure Shell (SSH)

For those Unix/Linux system administrator who are familiar with command line interface, you can access your server remotely via Secure Shell (SSH)
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Client : Windows machine
Server: Unix/Linux based machine
SSH Client: PuTTY

If your client machine is a Windows based machine, you can use a free SSH client called PuTTY to connect to the Unix/Linux server. Here is how.

01 – Official Website of PuTTY (
To download the PuTTY software, first go to the following URL

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02 – Once you are at the PuTTY download page, scroll down to where you find the Intel x86 binary named putty.exe. Click the putty.exe link to download the file. Be sure you are downloading the one under “For Windows on Intel x86” section.

03 – Your computer may ask you to save the file. Just save it in your computer for now. After saving the file in your computer, you can move the file to any location in your computer.

04 – Go ahead and run/open the file after you download the file. In my example here, I opened the Firefox Downloads window, right click the filename putty.exe and choose open.

05 – Your computer may ask your permission to run the file. It varies from different versions of Microsoft Windows as well as the security settings inside your Windows OS.

06 – If everything go well, you should see the PuTTY configuration. Please note that you do not need to install the software. The file you downloaded is an executable file. And that is all you need to run. In the configuration window, enter the IP address or host name of the server you like to connect as well as the port number. The typical TCP port for for SSH is port 22. Once everything look fine, click the “Open” button to connect.

You can save the profile to PuttY configuration so that you do not need to enter the same information again and again.

07 – If this is the first time you SSH to the server from the client machine, PuTTY will display a Security Alert warning window. All you need is click “Yes” to save the RSA key to your local PC. Once the key is saved, you will not be asked again.

08 – Now, you should connect to the server remotely via SSH. All you need to do is enter the user name as well as password to log into the server.


Client: Ubuntu Linux machine
Server: Linux/Unix based machine
SSH Client: Ubuntu Remote Desktop Viewer

Most of the Linux distribution ships with SSH clients. Graphical or Command Line. In the following example, I will show you how to connect to the remote Linux cloud server via Remote Desktop Viewer that shipped with Ubuntu Linux.

01 – In your Ubuntu Linux, click the Remote Desktop Viewer application to start it. If you do not have it on your application bar, you can click the Ubuntu logo at the top left hand corner and search for “Remote Desktop Viewer”.

02 – Once the Remote Desktop Viewer launched, you can connect to a remote server by clicking “Connect” at the upper left hand corner of the Window.

03 – In the Protocol drop down box, select “SSH”. Then enter the IP address or host name of the server in the “Host:” text box. Enter the username in the text box provided and click the “Connect” button.

04 – The Remote Desktop Viewer client will try to connect to the server. Once it log in successfully, you should see a screen similar to the screen shot here.