Create Virtual Machine with VMware vSphere Client.

1. Open the VMware vSphere Client in your Windows Machine. Type your VMware IP address or host name, User name and Password in the text boxes provided.

2. Once you log in to your server, right click the server name or IP address and choose New Virtial Machine …

3. In the Create New Virtual Machine window, choose Typical and click Next.

4. Enter the name of the new virtual machine you are going to create and click Next.

5. Select the available storage (i.e. localstore) for the virtual machine and click Next.

6. Choose the Guest Operating System and click Next. Guest Operating System is the operating system you are planning to install in the new virtual machine.

7. Choose the number of Network Interface Card NIC you need qui vend viagra. You can select more than one even if there are only one physical network interface in the host machine. Under network, select VM Network and Adapter E1000. Make sure Connect at Power On is checked.

8. Enter the amount of hard disk space available to the new virtual machine. If you want the virtual hard disk grow as it goes, select Thin Provision. Click Next to continue.

9. In the next screen, review the settings and if everything looks find, click Finish to complete the setup.

10. Now, you should see the new virtual machine listed under the physical host machine. You can power on the virtual machine by highlighting it and click the Green play button.