Create new Virtual Machine with Hyper-V Manager.

Microsoft Hyper-V Manager allow users or administrator to manage Hyper-V server as well as the Virtual Machines running inside the Hyper-V server.

In this article, I am going to show you how to create a Virtual Machine in Hyper-V by using the Hyper-V Manager. You can run Hyper-V Manager from Windows server 2012 or Windows 8 Desktop.

Microsoft Hyper-V Manager
1. Launch Hyper-V Manager from the Windows Machine. And then click “New” on the right.
Hyper-V Manager : New Virtual Machine
2. After you click the “New” link under Action section, select “Virtual Machine…”
Hyper-V Manager New Virtual Machine Wizard
3. In the next screen, which is the New Virtual Machine Wizard opening screen, just click “Next” to continue.
Specify Virtual Machine Name and Location
4. Enter the name of the new Virtual Machine you are planning to create. If you do NOT want to place the new Virtual Machine configuration files to the default directory, you can change it now. Otherwise, click “Next” after you enter the Machine name.
Assigning Memory to Virtual Machine
5. Enter the amount of system memory you like to allocate to the new Virtual Machine. Click “Next” to continue.
Select Virtual Switch
6. Select the Virtual Switch from the “Connection” drop down box. If you have not create a Virtual Switch yet, you need to do it before creating a Virtual Machine in order to have network access. Once you select your Virtual Switch, click “Next”.
Connect to a Virtual Disk
7. Create/Connect to a Virtual Hard Disk. In this step, you can create a new Virtual Disk or connect to an existing disk. Choose the option you need to click “Next”. In this example, I need to create a new Virtual Disk.
Virtual Machine CD/DVD ROM
8. For other installation options such as the CD/DVD ROM Drive. You can define it in this screen. I am going to install Windows 8 Desktop operating system for this Virtual Machine with an ISO image. So I choose “Install an operating system from a boot CD/DVD-ROM and then click the browse button to locate the Windows 8 ISO file.
Browse and locate ISO file
9. Browse and locate the OS ISO file and click “Open”.
ISO file located and continue
10. Once the ISO file is located, click “Next”.
Completing the New Virtual Machine Wizard
11. In the Summary screen. Double check and make sure everything is correct. If yes, press “Finish” to proceed the installation.
Start the Virtual Machine
12. That should bring you back to the Main screen of the Hyper-V Manager. And you should see the newly created Virtual Machine listed under the Virtual Machines List. Right click the Virtual Machine and choose “Start” to power up the Virtual Machine.
Connect to Virtual Machine
12. Once you power on the Virtual Machine, right click on it again and select “Connect…”
Hyper-V Manager - Virtual Machine Console screen
13. Now, a new Window should pop-up and you should see the Virtual Machine console screen with the OS installation screen. After the installation is complete, you Virtual Machine installation is done.