CentOS 6.2 Installation with HP Server Management Console

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the URL provided by Cybercon. (You can find the URL from the welcome email you received from Cybercon after you order the service). Log in with your customer ID and password in the HP iLO web management interface.
2. In the iLO interface, click the Virtual Media tab.
3. Single click the Virtual Media Applet link.
4. Click the Browse button and locate the CentOS 6.2 ISO image in your local computer.
5. Once that is done, click the Connect button to connect the ISO as a CD/DVD drive.
6. Do not close the Java window, just switch back to HP iLO interface and click the Remote Console tab following by clicking the Integrated Remote Console link.
7. From the top of the console screen, click the Power button and then choose Momentary Press to power on the physical server.
8. The server should boot from your ISO/CD/DVD image. Select Install or upgrade an existing system to continue.
9. In the next screen, choose Skip to skip the media test.
10. In the first install graphical screen, press Next to continue.
11. Choose the Installation process language and click Next.
12. Select the Keyboard type and click Next.
13. Select Basic Storage Devices and click Next.
14. In the next screen, choose Fresh Installation and click Next.
15. Enter the Server host name and click the Configure Network button.
16. In the Network Connections window, highlight the System eth0 and click the Edit button.
17. Check the box next to Connect automatically. Under IPv4 Settings tab, select Manual in Method drop down box. Enter the IP address, subnet mask, Gateway and DNS servers information provided by Cybercon from the Welcome Email you received. Click Apply to save the changes.
18. In the next screen, enter the root password and then click Next to continue.
19. For new install, just choose Use All Space and continue.
20. In the next screen, select the package set you like to install. In our example here, I just choose Minimal.
21. The server will start the installation. Once that is done, click the Reboot button to reboot the server.